Highcross Leicester Highcross Quarter naming controversy & domain name disputes.

Highcross Leicester - Highcross Quarter - The Naming Controversy & Domain Name Dispute.

Nominet - Confused Probability with Possibility


A million to one things happen nine times out of ten. So goes the maxim of Morrigan Wisecraft's fictional counterpart from Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels... The Great Granny Weatherwax.

So is the occurence of seemingly unlikley events such as a group of wiccans identifying highcrossquarter domain names for their website

If someone would have set out the probability that in the vicinity of a major UK city where a shopping centre was being built that had inadvertently adopted the name of the wiccan calendar highpoints that there were actually wiccan's in that locality who would want to preserve the internet name for their own purposes, you would think it quite a likely and none too improbable a scenario.

If you would also set out the probability that if the marketing director of that development, in this case Hammerson Plc actually went public on the proposed name in the local and national press, local radio, the BBC News website as well as BBC TV and radio before securing the internet names that these same local wiccan's... which there would surely be found within the population of any large metropolis such as Leicestershire, would get wind of the fact and would as sure as night follows day secure the names for themselves.

And yet the Nominet Domain Name Dispute process which is different from the seemingly more sensible UDRP... (article in progress)

And yet Nominet's Alice in Wonderland reasoning and logic.

(article in progress)

"It is improbable that the Respondent, with an address and connections in Leicester, should co-incidentally choose to register such an unusual domain name on the same date as the Complainant first announced the new name of its development in that city."

This statement from the Nominet judgment shows that key evidence was ignored or not brought into consideration.


Making Assumptions


Assume for one moment that Leicester was not the largest metropolis in the East Midlands where a local wiccan group would surely be resident as per would be found large metropolis's.

Assume also that like any other group in this modern age that this wiccan group did not either have operational or in planning a website to extol the virtues of what ever it is about wicca that they in particular want to extol the virtues about. In this case the High Cross and Cross Quarter Sabbats.

Make yet a third assumption that the website they had planned about the High Cross and Cross Quarter sabbats did not include either the words "cross quarter" or "high cross quarter" in the intended domain names.

Another assumption that would begin to now stretch credulity that we ask you to make is that Hammerson Plc's marketing department in announcing its chosen name for its rebranded Shires leicester shopping centre would not make one hell of a song and dance about the new name and therefore not use all principle national and local media outlets. As doing so would be guaranteeing that the moment they announced Highcross Quarter as the name and that a member of a local friendly neighbourhood fraternity of wiccan's group would not get to read in the local paper about it and dash for the email to their friendly leicester based Digital Media Creators, web designers and IT Consultants Webwordwizards.com to ensure they had the domain names.

Well we appreciate we really are already asking you to make probably too many assumptions but we ask you to indulge us further.

Assume for one moment that Hammerson Plc the very large... 7.4 Billion Sterling large in fact (at 2007 value... probably worth significantly less in 2008 courtesy of somewhat straightened economic fortunes for those in the REIT club.) owner of that £350 million shopping centre and a further 14 major shopping centres across UK and France, with 19 retail parks and eight office building in London and Paris, would actually announce the name of the Highcross in Leicester without first securing the domain names.

Ok that last assumption we asked you to make has actually stretched credulity to breaking point and beyond now we know. But never the less... that is actually what happened. (And when we phoned Hammerson to speak with Mark Prescod the Hammerson Marketing director in August 2007... we were informed by "he is no longer with the company".

(this section is work in progress...)


Probability | Press

Worldwide Press Coverage...

Reuters and the Press Association picked the story up on the 19th July 2007.

Webwordwizards had worked with our clients to produce a press release which was set up on the high cross quarter websites.

Even as late as Dec 2007 the ladies of the wiccan group and the dispute was still in the news. Morrigan Wisecraft was somewhat flattered and taken aback when we told her that her group was sharing the same headline as the Northern Rock collapse in the Leicester Mercury.

Witches win but rock is rocked... the ladies and the highcross leicester name dispute still in the headlines in dec 2007

Image: Copyright Northcliffe Newspapers (Leicester Mercury)

Probability | Assumptions

Do you have information for this website?

We recognise that although we played a part centre stage in the domain name battle and renaming controversy surrounding the Highcross Leicester, that their exists information and facts pertaining to this whole matter of which we are not aware.

We get information on a daily basis that we can present on this website from well wishers who often wish to remain anonymous.

If you would like to contact us and provide such information that we might consider for this website either about the Highcross Leicester, the name dispute and name change or intellectual property disputes in general please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Hammerson Plc and Highcross Leicester should return Highcrossquarter.co.uk to us... its original registrants.

Clearly, with the UN WIPO process deciding so clearly in our favour on all key tests of the highcrossquarter.com name case and with the highcrossquarter.co.uk decision based on so flimsy an argument of what the Nominet Panel felt was probable or not probable when the stark undeniable facts of the case shout out that he was plain wrong in his decision Hammerson Plc should now do the right thing and return the Highcrossquarter.co.uk internet name to us.

To Hammerson and Highcross Leicester, we say... you must surely recognise that you have come to own highcrossquarter.co.uk through what would seem to many right minded people an outcome that is founded on logic and reason that would not be out of place in the land of Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter, March Hare and pale furred rabbit.

We therefore extend to you an invitation to return to the original legal registrants the highcrossquarter.co.uk domain name.

(article in progress)