Highcross Naming controversy and dispute caption challenge    

Help us complete the captions in this light hearted look at what for us was a very serious and concerning matter.

What do you think John Richards CEO of Hammerson and Rupert Clarke CEO of Hermes (Joint owners of the Highcross) would say with Ross Wilmot Leader of Leicester City Council in this hypothetical Montage ?

Note: This montage composite image was created for our Caption Challenge by some apprentice wizards at Webwordwizards.

We hope you like it.

It does not nor does it purport to carry any sponsorship or association from Hammerson, Hermes, Leicester City Council or the Highcross.

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3) Email back to us.
No prizes offered. Wittiest responses will be published online.
4) Write your contact details beside the statement "No Anonymity required" if we may attribute your caption challenge entry to you if we publish it. Otherwise entries will remain anonymous other than initials and location.

Note: Avoid anything defamatory please. Responses should be based soundly on the facts of the case and published statements.

Responses that are judged to unfairly tarnish any of the participants of the Highcross name dispute case will be promptly filed in the nearest shredder.

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