Highcross Leicester Highcross Quarter naming controversy & domain name disputes.

Highcross Leicester - Highcross Quarter - The Naming Controversy & Domain Name Dispute.

Highcross Leicester won't openly use highcrossquarter.co.uk


In early October 2007 Nominet Limited's dispute resolution process turned out a decision on the future of the lower level highcrossquarter.co.uk domain name that was totally at odds with the decision reached by the UN WIPO on the all important highest level highcrossquarter.com internet name.

highcrossquarter.com is owned by webwordwizards.com but leicester highcross uses the .co.uk quietly.

Nominet's decision was certainly not in our favour and in fact appeared to ignore all the submitted evidence and facts of the case on which the UN WIPO so soundly based their decision.

The QC sitting as sole panel arbiter ruled based on what he felt to be probable or improbable. This is a significant weakness in the nominet DRS (dispute resolution service) process in that it can boil down to something as flimsy as that when the facts and evidence of the case shout out loud and clear against assumptions based on that supposed probability.

There is one probability in all this... and that if a developer inadvertently names its shopping centre after the highpoints on the wiccan calendar that some local wiccan's on hearing that news will certainly register the names first to secure them for their own project.

That is not just a probability but a certainty especially as the websites purpose was to detail the high cross quarter sabbats and the cross quarter sabbats.

However, speaking of probability... what is probable is that now having gained the .co.uk domain name from us in a decision in which is was not financially possible for the ladies to appeal, Hammerson are certainly never likely to use the highcrossquarter.co.uk domain name openly whilst the corresponding higher level .com domain resolves to a website belonging to wiccan's. It will never be seen advertised anywhere like how we can advertise and use the corresponding .com

As of August 2008 the highcrossquarter.co.uk quietly resolves and reroutes requests to their website at highcrossleicester.com.

Within hours of hearing the .co.uk decision the wiccan group immediately switched the highcrossquarter.co.uk content over to the plural domain which we also owned at highcrossquarters.co.uk .

We expect that sooner or later Hammerson will realise the .co.uk is useless to them and we will be able to reacquire it. However it is not not vital to our web project... it is merely desirable for us.

Does this mean we would release the .com

It is highly unlikely. The .com was recently registered by webwordwizards.com and secured for the wiccan group's website for a decade with its registration expiry date set at the 14th October 2017.

We own also the plurals and the .mobi. They likewise will be retained indefinitely.

highcross leicester highcross quarter name battle - morrigans quote

So went the quote of a certain elderly Leicestershire pensioner. Within hours of the endearing and feisty Mrs Wisecraft penning those now famous words, the worlds media from New Zealand and Canada to Ireland and Turkey were running the story of what was to become the highest profile domain name dispute case of all time.

This website is about that "naming controversy" and domain name dispute involving the Highcross Leicester along with its impacts and implications including as many believe on the renaming of the £350 Million Highcross Quarter to Highcross Leicester.

The Highcross Quarter became the Highcross Leicester


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Old School...

As part of the development an old school dating back some 500 yrs or so was repaired and brought back to its former glory or as close to it as possible.

Now used as a marketing suite with possible use as a restaurant on the cards.

For many years this had been used as a car hire plot that saw the building more or less run down and neglected.

Highcross Leicester - Highcross Quarter - The Naming Controversy & Domain Name Dispute.

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Worldwide Press Coverage...

Reuters and the Press Association picked the story up on the 19th July 2007.

Webwordwizards had worked with our clients to produce a press release which was set up on the high cross quarter websites.

Even as late as Dec 2007 the ladies of the wiccan group and the dispute was still in the news. Morrigan Wisecraft was somewhat flattered and taken aback when we told her that her group was sharing the same headline as the Northern Rock collapse in the Leicester Mercury.

Witches win but rock is rocked... the ladies and the highcross leicester name dispute still in the headlines in dec 2007

Image: Copyright Northcliffe Newspapers (Leicester Mercury)

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Do you have information for this website?

We recognise that although we played a part centre stage in the domain name battle and renaming controversy surrounding the Highcross Leicester, that their exists information and facts pertaining to this whole matter of which we are not aware.

We get information on a daily basis that we can present on this website from well wishers who often wish to remain anonymous.

If you would like to contact us and provide such information that we might consider for this website either about the Highcross Leicester, the name dispute and name change or intellectual property disputes in general please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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The impact this name dispute had on people.

This dispute involving the Highcross Leicester, its developers, the ladies of the wiccan group and Webwordwizards the IT Consultants and Website designers for the High Cross Quarter website for the wiccan group spanned some 12 months from start to finish from September 2006 through to October 2007. Read more...

The lessons for other small groups.

Other small groups can benefit from the lessons learned by the ladies of the wiccan group who stood to have their domain name seized in this way.

Our advice as the consultants and web designers upon whose shoulders it fell to defend this case is:

1) Always keep any emails or hard copy records surrounding the discussions you have with fellow group members as well as your internet consultants.

2) Although this is no guarantee that you wont have issues at a later date you should acquire your domain names at the earliest opportunity.

3) A good internet consultant will always know to advise you to acquire all the top level domains pertaining to your web project. This principally means the .com but also the .info, .org and .net. The lower level but useful country domain the .co.uk should also not be forgotten.

A common error by inexperienced consultants is to forget to advise you to consider also the hyphenated domain like this one for this site or for example gum-tree.com. So don't forget to acquire the hyphenated versions of your name if your name uses multiple words.

4) Portable information access is future so ALWAYS ALWAYS get the .mobi domain and if you can not then choose another name. It is that important.

5) Don't be intimidated by Corporate Goliaths if they come after you for your domain names. As in our case they may offer ridiculous sums many thousands of times over the actual cost of the names but if you don't want to sell then don't!

Get advice from a good IT Consultant and stand your ground.